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Lace-up, faux leather corset halter top. 

Material: Polyester & Spandex

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Customer Reviews

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Hugh Windler

Super worth it, came so fast and is so night, runs a little small but the top is super adjustable

Emiliano Senger

I did not expect this to actually fit me! I can never find cute clothes that fit my chest without my boobs actually slipping out but this was surprising! It’s not only stretchy, but the support is actually really good.

Matilda Schulist

This top is insanely good! I got a large, for reference my sizes are 38 B - 31 W - 42 H. That being said, if you are any larger in the bust or waist than I am, I wouldn’ t recommend it. It is very soft and does have a degree of stretch, but it can be a little tight around the neck if you force it. That being said, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear! It shipped out extremely quick and arrived right on time. I am extremely satisfied!!

Rudolph Hayes

Super cute top! Very excited for my next opportunity to wear it. Not quite what I pictured but it’s still great. Perfect fit!

Elmo Yundt

I am a 34D medium-large normally. I wasn’t sure what size to get. I think as a top I’d rather have it in large, but I’m not sure. I’d like a little more coverage, but it’s supposed to be revealing! Its supposed to be booby! It doesn’t feel like I’m gonna pop out, it feels secure, it’s just THE ILLUSION that they are about to pop out is so strong 0_0 It feels solid as a rock but it looks like your boobs are just barely contained. It’s a bit like a magic trick the way you can just keep tightening and tightening and it stretches and stretches without overly squeezing. It really melted perfectly into my curves without giving me back or arm fat overhang and that’s a miracle. It’s basically just a piece of plastic, yet it really does the most. If you’re too conservative to wear it as a top or don’t have many dystopian trash fires you’d like to display the illusion of extra large hooper doopers at- it also looks cute over a dress.